Because the future matters, more than ever before.

Simply put, this is why we exist.

Genesis Virtual Academy (@Tennessee) is an online Christian private school serving students in grades K-12 across the Volunteer State. As a ministry of Mayer Lutheran School (Mayer, MN), we are fully accredited by the National Lutheran School Association (NSLA). 

We have three primary goals:

  1. All Genesis Virtual Academy (@Tennessee) students will be reading on grade level, especially third graders. Reading on grade level at third grade is one of the strongest indicators for continued academic success. 
  2. Serving students with Special Ed needs and those with Individualized Education Plans (IEP). Our desire is to find a solution to meet the needs of your child. Give us a try to see what we can do to help.
  3. We want to build a strong foundation in and curiosity for Scripture that fosters each child’s personal relationship with Jesus. Our team of devoted, Christian teachers and administration instills within each child a real love for God each and every day.

The future belongs to the next generation. We want to be a positive force by developing early leadership skills in order for each child to thrive and know that God loves them fully.




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